Graduate Profiles

Eli Marienthal, Class of 2000, Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley (PK – 8)

"I am a junior at Berkeley High School and graduated from Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley in 2000 after an undeniably formative ten years in attendance…For me, [the school] presented a playing field upon which I comfortably molded a position for myself. Nestled warmly among familiar faces, while driven by the rigor of a formal French education, I was continually compelled to reevaluate and reassess who and where I was, as well as the more dynamic and daunting questions of who and where I wanted to be…Not only was the school helpful and supportive of all my activities, it simultaneously forged a foundation in which academic accomplishment were expected.

While I still have another year to decide on colleges, I am aiming at some of the most competitive and rigorous institutions in the world. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that those opportunities are directly related to the preparation and standards set by [Bilingual School of Berkley]."

Richard Labib, Class of 1989, College Stanislas, Montreal

"The eleven years that I spent at College Stanislas were by far the most determining of my life. Not only did I learn how to study, with an exemplary general knowledge and an exceptional opening to the world, but I also learnt to know myself, finding out ways to take up challenges and building a moral strength, that is still within me and helps me every day."

Emma Charlebois, Class of 2004, International School of Indiana

"I was very well prepared for University of Tours in France because of attending International School of Indiana. Other American students who were juniors at UDT had trouble understanding the classes in French, but I had no problems as a freshman. ISI gave me a wider point of view and made me want to explore life more".